Features (July 25)

Release date: July 25, 2022


New Features:

Features Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Business JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Reseller Portal
Stations list - Unavailable time field Additional field metric that may be displayed on the  X X X X X
Offline energy management configurations for Load Areas Ability to configure the charging unit's offline configurations for units in a load area X        
RFID Bulk Uploads - Manage Uploads Section Ability to manage bulk uploads requests and view status of each upload X        
Homepage Restyling - Product Designation Product name presented on the homepage for ease of identification X X X    
Homepage Restyling - Tooltip for widgets Tooltips to explain the KPIs presented in widgets X X X    
Homepage Restyling - Drivers and Station KPI Restyling of driver and station counts X X X    
Homepage Restyling - Energy cost segmentation Segmentation of costs within the energy costs widget X X X    
Endesa X MSP as Merchant of Record Ability for Endesa X to act as Merchant of Record for charging transactions   X X    
JuiceNet Enterprise MSP Transaction Fee Ability to view charging sessions with and without transaction fees to realize revenues   X X