Required/Optional Required
Accessibility Read/write
Type CSL

The phase rotation per connector relative to the connector's energy meter (or, if absent, the grid connection).

Possible values per connector are:
  • NotApplicable (for Single phase or DC Charge Points)
  • Unknown (not (yet) known)
  • RST (Standard Reference Phasing)
  • RTS (Reversed Reference Phasing)
  • SRT (Reversed 240 degree rotation)
  • STR (Standard 120 degree rotation)
  • TRS (Standard 240 degree rotation)
  • TSR (Reversed 120 degree rotation)
  • R = Phase 1 (L1)
  • S = Phase 2 (L2)
  • T = Phase 1 (L3)

If known, the Charge Point MAY also report the phase rotation between the grid connection and the main energymeter by using index number Zero (0).

Values are reported in CSL, formatted: 0.RST, 1.RST, 2.RTS