Required/Optional Required
Accessibility Read/write
Type Integer (in seconds)
Default value 0

Represents the size (in seconds) of the per-day aggregation intervals of clock-aligned data. For example, a value of 900 means that every day is broken into 96 15-minute (900 seconds) intervals.

When clock aligned data is being transmitted, the interval in question is identified by the start time and (optional) duration interval value, represented according to the ISO8601 standard. All "per-period" data (e.g. energy readings) should be accumulated (for "flow" type measurands such as energy), or averaged (for other values) across the entire interval (or partial interval, at the beginning or end of a charging session), and transmitted (if so enabled) at the end of each interval, bearing the interval start time timestamp. A value of "0" (numeric zero), by convention, is to be interpreted to mean that no clock-aligned data should be transmitted.