Features (March 1)

Release date: March 1, 2022


We are proud to announce the following new features along numerous system enhancements and improvements.

Features Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Business JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Reseller Portal
JuiceNet Operator (evOS Role Based) Portal for CPOs to manage assets       X  
Scheduled Availability of EVSE Functionality to allow user to set a period of time when energy may be dispensed X X X    
Reseller Management Portal Portal for resellers to manage and assist their client         X
User Guide (Dashboard access) Easy access to user guides in respective supported languages from dashboard X        
Type of session column in reports Addition of a type of session column in charging session reports with filterability X X X    
Tooltip message for large queries Notice message when queries for large date ranges (> 6 months) are applied to alternatively utilize report exportation feature X X X    
Calendar time period filter Ease of selection of custom time period through a calendar date selection on session history tab X X X X X
Vehicle name column Addition of a vehicle name as a default column on vehicle page X