Installation - JuiceBox® Next Gen

This procedure explains how to install one charging station onto the stand. If applicable, perform the same procedure for both charging stations.

This procedure applies only to "JuiceBox Next Gen". Verify the correct product before installing.
  • The JuiceStand must be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and all applicable local jurisdiction requirements.
  • Junction Boxes must be UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use.
  • Conduit fittings must be liquid-tight and UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use.
    1. Secure the JuiceStand to the ground stud anchors (refer to Installation Area for more information).
    2. Secure the JuiceStand and charging station with the washers and screws.
Note: It is recommended to apply a torque of 25 in lbs to the screws.