Additional Required Parts

Power Over Ethernet Cable

An RJ-45 Ethernet cable is required to power the JuiceRouter through the Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector. Ensure that the cable is long enough to connect the JuiceRouter Router to the power supply when the power supply is plugged in. The maximum cable length is 100 m (328 ft).

In nearly all cases, a standard Ethernet cable is sufficient.

However, if using a custom cable, ensure that the RJ-45 connector conforms to TIA/EIA-568, T568B:
Pin Color
1 White/orange
2 Orange
3 White/green
4 Blue
5 White/blue
6 Green
7 White/brown
8 Brown

Fasteners for Wall Installation

If installing the JuiceRouter onto a wall, supply your own fasteners (refer to the Hardware Installation section).

Ethernet Cable To Connect JuiceRouter To Computer

It is possible to access the JuiceRouter's Web Dashboard via WiFi or a hardwired connection (refer to the Web Dashboard section). To connect via a hardwired connection, supply your own Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors.