Common Solutions

  • Ensure that the latch on the EV charging cable handle is locked into place. If the handle is not latched securely, the vehicle will not charge. If the latch is pressed down during charging, charging automatically stops.
  • If the vehicle is not charging as expected, ensure that the vehicle is not set up to begin charging at a specific time of day. Refer to the app or JuiceNet dashboard for more information.

Indicator Lights

Power (Green) Network (Blue) Charging (Orange)
Solid: Unit is powered and ready Solid: Connected to WiFi network Solid: Charging
Off: Not powered or error Slow flashing: Searching for configured network Flashing: Time of use or delayed charging in effect
Flashing: Contact support. Rapid flashing: Setup mode

Audible Error Codes

If a system error occurs, the JuiceBox emits an audible sequence of tones that indicates its error state.

Refer to the complete list of JuiceBox Error Codes.