EV JuiceNet/JuicePass to Enel X Way App FAQs

How is Enel X Way different than EV JuiceNet mobile app? 

The Enel X Way App is an evolution of Enel X Way smart charging. It offers the same great functionalities as EV JuiceNet but with a fresh new user experience and additional features. 

Enel X Way is a mobile application that introduces an innovative service by Enel X Way that allows you to charge your electric vehicle at public or your Enel X Way home charging station. Across the world, it also allows Enel X Way customers to charge theirs EVs at over 80,000 Enel X public charging stations.


Why is EV JuiceNet being replaced by Enel X Way APP? 

EV JuiceNet is our legacy mobile application that is being discontinued. Enel X Way App offers an access to an extensive public charging network and home smart charging control in one single app.  


How do I switch to Enel X Way app from EV JuiceNet? 

All you need to do is download the Enel X Way app and re-register using the same email address you previously used for the EV JuiceNet app. For security reasons and to protect your data, you need to create this new account. 

The same email address is used to identify and automatically import your charger information. After you register in Enel X Way, you will be able to see your home charger and all the charging history without the need to add your JuiceBox again. When you register in Enel X Way you can use the same password, as long as it is compliant. However, we recommend creating a new password to better protect your information. 


How does Enel X Way work? 

After you download the app, login to your account, subscribe to a plan, and enter your payment information. You can find a charging station on the map, drive there, and start charging. You can unlock the cable connector using your smartphone or RFID card. Swipe the card or touch the “Stop” button on your mobile app to stop the charging session. Then unplug the cable.  

To charge at home, make sure your charger is added to your Enel X Way account. Then you can start or stop a charging session from the app. 


If I already have a JuiceNet account, why do I need to re-register in Enel X Way?  

Enel X Way uses more advanced encryption methods and security protocols to register and protect your information. Re-registration is needed in order to create a new account, but you can use the same email address used for EV JuiceNet app. 

For the time being you can use both apps and all your charger information will be available and in sync. However, in the near future, the EV JuiceNet app will be decommissioned.  


Can I still access the JuiceNet home dashboard on my computer using the same credentials? 

Yes. Until EV JuiceNet is decommissioned, you will be able to login to JuiceNet home dashboard using your old credentials.


I don’t see any information in the app about Public Charging, why? 

As soon as the service becomes available in your country, Enel X Way app will automatically update to allow you to access the public charging network. Enel X Way has over 80,000 public charging points worldwide and is expending rapidly to more countries including North America. 


What happens if I decide to use a different email address while registering with Enel X Way? 

If you use a different email address, Enel X Way will not be able to automatically import your EV and home charger data. You will be able to re-register the JuiceBox via intuitive process in the Enel X Way app.