Enterprise Software Setup


JuiceNet Enterprise has a host of powerful features for controlling the electric vehicle charging experience, both for you and for your customers.

Quick Guide for Administrators

NOTE: This section requires an account with Heartland Payment Systems. Do not begin this quick guide until your account has been established.
  1. Create a rate. Rates are payment structures. JuiceBox OpenPay can charge customers a flat fee for charging, or can charge based on the length of charging time or amount of electricity used. Refer to Create Rate in the JuiceNet Enterprise Manual.
  2. Create a location. A location represents one or more JuiceBox OpenPay devices in the same general area. We'll add the individual devices in the next step, but it's helpful to create the location first. Refer to Add New Location in the JuiceNet Enterprise Manual.
  3. Enable public access to the location. Refer to Enable or Disable Public Access To Location in the JuiceNet Enterprise Manual.
  4. Add individual JuiceBox OpenPay devices to your Dashboard. Refer to Add New Device in the JuiceNet Enterprise Manual.
  5. Set up the payment account:
    1. In the upper right corner of the dashboard, select the User Profile icon. In the popup, select the User Profile icon.
    2. Select Payment Settings > Payment Terminal.mceclip1.png
    3. Open the welcome email from Heartland, where you can find your Heartland account information (Site ID, License ID, Device ID, Login, and Password).
    4. In the "Terminal ID" dropdown menu, select your terminal ID.
    5. Input your Heartland account information (Site ID, License ID, Device ID, Login, and Password) into JuiceNet Enterprise, then select Save.
NOTE: The Site ID and License ID should be the same for each terminal.
NOTE: Enter the "Software ID" received from Heartland in the welcome email into the Login box and change the default password received in the welcome email from Heartland to the new password of your choice before using it in the Password box.

For more information on using the JuiceNet Enterprise, refer to the complete JuiceNet Enterprise Manual.