Wiring Instructions for JuicePedestal™ 32A, 40A, 48A

Each JuiceBox must be on its own circuit. Refer to the Wiring Design section of the Enel X Way Site Design Guide for additional information.
  • The JuicePedestal must be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and all applicable local jurisdiction requirements.
  • Junction Boxes must be UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use due to local regulations, if necessary.
  • Conduit fittings must be liquid-tight and UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use.
      1. Turn off the mains power to the hardwire connections.
      2. Use a multimeter to ensure that there is no power at the hardwire connections.
    WARNING: Do not continue with the installation until the multimeter shows that there is no power at the hardwire connections to mains.
      1. Route the mains power hardwire connection into the pedestal from the bottom, then position the pedestal onto the ground stud anchors.
      2. Secure the pedestal to the ground stud anchors (refer to Installation Area for more information).
      3. Release the 10 fasteners that secure the back plate to the pedestal. Remove the back plate.
      4. For each JuiceBox, install a waterproof junction box to house the connection.
        NOTE: The JuiceBox flex conduit has a diameter of 1 in.
      5. Connect the mains power wires to the charging station wires.




        L1 L2 Ground
      6. Reinstall the back plate (refer to step 5).
      7. Reconnect power to the hardwire connections. The charging stations turn on automatically.