What happens now that Tesla lowers charge rate to 8-9 amps?

Tesla Model 3 and Y EV's have been providing some odd behavior when it comes to using Time Of Use on the JuiceBox, or JuiceNet controlled EVSE's.

Model 3's and Y's do not currently comply with the J1772 charging port standard. While this issue is expected to be fixed by Tesla, we do not yet have an estimated time frame as to when this will occur.

What does this mean for you?

When you are using your JuiceNet Time-of-Use (TOU) settings or participating in a Smart Charging Event, the Model 3 may not commence charging when expected. This means that it may not “wake up”, despite your JuiceBox permitting power to flow to your EV. Tesla software version 2020.24 or later should resolve this issue. 

If your Tesla does not have software version 2020.24 or later,
 we ask that you use the Tesla app timer in order to allow your charging to begin at your desired TOU times, thus please deactivate your JuiceNet Timer. We also recommend having the correct vehicle profile (Tesla Model 3 or Model Y) selected in the EV JuiceNet app or on the JuiceNet dashboard.

[For smart charging events, we handle this issue by not pausing your charging entirely, but rather by reducing the charging rate to approximately 2 kW until the smart charging event is completed.]

Tesla customer service provided this response
on May 8 regarding their vehicles charging at lower rates:

"There are some known bugs that are being addressed with an upcoming firmware update (2018.20) that should address the lower amperage you are seeing. So at the moment, the recommendation is to wait on the next firmware update to see if these behaviors are resolved."

Thank you for your support and patience. If you are having issues with scheduled charging, feel free to reach out to our support team.