Version: 4.3.48

Release date: Week of May 06, 2024

New Features: 

  • Advanced Scheduling for Home Charging (day-by-day)
        • Choose one or more unique time ranges each day to charge your EV and accommodate a more flexible and customizable charging schedule. When scheduling charging for a specific day, you can easily apply that schedule to any other desired day(s) of the week for added convenience and efficiency.
        • Enjoy increased visual clarity of your daily and weekly charging schedule with graphs depicting your charging times.


  • Enhanced Troubleshooting
        • More descriptive information is presented to explain the reason(s) why a JuiceBox charger is in a particular state (connecting, offline, occupied, etc.) and what actions can be taken to resolve the issue.


  • Simplified and Intuitive Design and Presentation
        • All pertinent charging information is now presented on one screen, with easy access to configurations of energy needs and services.
        • Redesign of charging screen and new representation of charging information (% battery, mi, kWh, target State of Charge).