Features (April 12)

Release date: April 12, 2024


New Features:

Features Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Partner Portal
Informational pop-out explanation of cost estimation Addition of informational pop-out which explains the meaning of different costs and sources of calculation origin X X    
Informational pop-out explanation of "Driver Code Name Category" Addition of informational pop-out which explains the "Driver code name category" field in the "Request driver activation codes" section X X    
Modification of Bulk Upload Vehicle Messaging Replaces "Thank you for adding new vehicles" banner with a dialogue box with shortcut to report section after completion of action X      
Support for miles as unit of measure Support of miles in odometer distance inputs and reports as per user preference X      
Charging history penalty duration in minutes (EU) View penalty durations in minutes X      
Input for vehicle odometer reading Ability to input odometer reading at the end of the charging process X