Bug Fixes (April 12)

Release date: April 12, 2024


Bug Fixes:

Bug Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Partner Portal
Create/Edit RFID Sidebar Clarification Changes Explains and clarifies that list of available vehicles to associate to RFID card will display include vehicles with no RFID or VAI association already X      
Correction to Calendar based vehicle page Correction of default columns for fleet vehicle charging needs in load area configurations X      
Load Area Sessions Tab Column Correction EVID column added to session list within the Load Area section X      
License Plate field empty for failed vehicle bulk upload Displays license plate and row for failed attempt for bulk uploads X      
Charging Plan Wizard: Charging needs to be shifted one day back for recurring days Corrects an issue where when charging needs of a plan is edited, the recurrence is displayed one day in advance X