Features (March 26)

Release date: March 26, 2024


New Features:

Features Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Partner Portal
All Sections - Maintain User Settings Keeps the settings the user has previously applied X X X X
Charging Session Details - Driver/Vehicle Hyperlink Allows to easily navigate to the Driver/Vehicle details for which the session was started on from the charging details section X X X X
Email Registration -Template Emails Modification of all templates to align with regional branding X X X X
Email Registration - Sender Email Modification of all sender emails to regional specified X X X X
Advanced Report for JuiceNet Enterprise Ability to configure and schedule advanced reports   X    
"Login As" Authentication Router Implementation Automatically sets the tenant of the B2B customer that the operator is navigating to via "Login As"       X
Dashboard Color
Change of dashboard colors to align with new branding guidelines X X X X
Advanced report wizard - add/edit timezone field in recurring report Adds the timezone field for configuration when setting up recurring reports when time is needed to be specified X X    
"VID:" in the VAI - Vehicle Authentication ID during vehicle creation Prefills automatically the "VID" in front of vehicle MAC address to be specified X      
Residential Reimbursement Information Moves driver info from automatic reimbursement to Basic info section (in driver details section) X      
Contact Center Adjustments for Romania (EU) Modification of all footer contact center number X X X X
Corporate Sites for Enel X and Endesa X (EU) Modifications of Enel X Way/Endesa X Way to Enel X/Endesa X X X X X
Charging History detail - Session cost label (IT) Modified Italian translation of session cost label X X X X