EMotorWerks JuiceBox Troubleshooting Q&A

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This guide is meant to assist in any technical issues you may encounter at any point during your JuiceBox installation and initial usage experience. Please see if your issue can be resolved here before contacting us, where we'll be glad to help.

Receiving your JuiceBox
Installing your JuiceBox
Charging with your JuiceBox
Scheduling your JuiceBox charge
Associating your JuiceBox (WiFi)
Monitoring your JuiceBox (WiFi)
Managing your JuiceBox data (WiFi)

Receiving your JuiceBox:
Q: I've ordered a Pro JuiceBox - where is the antenna for it?
A: Being a plastic component, the antenna is not as sturdy as the solid metal body of the JuiceBox. For transport, it should be detached. Find it wrapped up near the top of your parcel, and thread it on to the brass fitting.
Note that the newest JuiceBox, in the black printed enclosure, has the WiFi antenna built-in on top of the unit. No additional antenna is necessary.

Installing your JuiceBox:
Q: What amperage rating should my electrical breaker be?
A: By American standard electrical code, your breaker should be rated for 125% of your maximum continuous load. So, that would mean at least a 40A circuit breaker for a JuiceBox 30 installation, or at least 50A for a JuiceBox 40 installation. Please note that all JuiceBox units can be set to any current draw limit; thus accommodating any pre-existing supply circuitry.

Q: What amperage rating should my wiring be?
A: Your wiring should be rated to your maximum continuous amperage. So, AWG 10 for 30A maximum, AWG 8 for 40A maximum, AWG 6 for 50A maximum, etc. Unusually warm charging conditions (batteries inclusive) and/or long run length will demand larger gauge wiring.
Please refer to this table for minimums: Wire Ampacities

Q: What kind of receptacle should I have to plug in my JuiceBox?
A: The JuiceBox plugs in via NEMA 14-50. So, you should have a NEMA 14-50 receptacle installed. If you are installing outdoors, please be sure to use an outdoor rated receptacle. Like this one: 14-50 Rainproof Outlet

Q: How do I mount my JuiceBox Classic or Pro?
A: A brushed aluminum mounting bracket will be included with your JuiceBox (if ordered as a package). Simply use the supplied wood screws to screw it to your wall surface. Once the bracket is mounted, you can slide the JuiceBox in and out easily; allowing you to use it portably and as a station. You can find mounting brackets here if needed: JuiceBox Accessories - we also have locking brackets for the previous JuiceBox generation available - contact support at the bottom of this page for info.

Q: How do I deal with my J1772 charge cable and my J1772 plug when not in use?
A: A cast ABS plug holder and cable manager will be included with your JuiceBox (if ordered as a package). Simply use the supplied screws (or your own) to fasten it to your wall surface. Plug your connector in when not charging, and drape your cable around the top like a hose reel. You can find holders here if needed: J1772 Holder & Cable Manager.

Q: Would any electrician know how to install my JuiceBox?
A: Yes. To avoid complications and deliberation, simply request a NEMA 14-50R outlet installation with however many amps of continuous service you want (based on your vehicle charging needs). Make sure you request for the outlet to be installed within a few feet of where you want your JuiceBox stationed.

Charging with your JuiceBox:

Q: I have plugged my JuiceBox into my vehicle, but it is not beginning charge.
A: Please make sure your JuiceBox is plugged into your supply circuit and is receiving power. Before you plug the JuiceBox into your vehicle to charge, ensure that it is not beeping to signal an error (see: Error Codes). Beyond this, there are several things you should first check before contacting support:

  • The release lever on the charging handle (J1772) is also a "Stop" switch. Check the button pressing action on your J1772 plug handle. As you're pressing the release latch, make note of at what point in the press you hear a small click from the switch in the handle. It should click approximately half-way through the action of pushing the button. If it does not click, or clicks very early, the J1772 handle has incurred damage, and you can fix it by referring to this doc (please make sure your JuiceBox is unplugged before attempting this!): J1772 DOSTAR Plug - Release Lever Fixes
  • Make sure there are no schedules set on your EV. Or, if there are, they are out of range of your current charge session.
  • Make sure there are no charge schedules requiring override on your JuiceBox, through the app or the Dashboard.
  • Check your EV charge port for physical damage or evidence of electrical damage.

Q: My JuiceBox begins charging my EV, but charge is disrupted by clicking on and/or off? (Your JuiceBox may display "GFI tripped" during these interrupt events)
A: As previously stated, your JuiceBox is cycling on and off in response to Ground Fault Interrupt instances. This could be due to a legitimate reason, such as water in your charge cable or EV charge port, an incision or fray in your wiring (from J1772 charge cable to supply side wiring), or an obstacle in way of your charge plug. If this is a newly occurring issue, it stands to reason that it is the result of some kind of environmental damage. Check your entire charge circuit (from EV to breaker box). It may be that the charge cable has been twisted out of place by repeated movement. Try twisting the charge cable as it enters the JuiceBox unit. Also check the cable handle for particularities in the top button, as described above.
If this issue has occurred since you installed the unit, check your installation. It may be worth having an electrician check the wiring all the way back to the breaker box.

Q: I would like to change the current limit of my JuiceBox. How can I do this?
A: Simply turn trimpot R20 (counterclockwise to reduce current down to 6A, clockwise to 40A) on Classic units - be sure to power off before doing this! For Pro and Pro Plus units, you can use the app or webpage to set the current limit.

Scheduling your JuiceBox charge:
Q: How do I set a charge schedule on a Classic JuiceBox?
A: Apologies, this is not a feature of the Classic JuiceBox. Most EVs have the ability to set basic charge schedules from the vehicle.

Q: How do I set a charge schedule via WiFi on my JuiceBox Pro or Pro Plus?
A: Once your JuiceBox is associated with your WiFi network, and you have added the JuiceBox to your app or Dashboard, simply navigate to the "Schedule" feature in your app menu (swipe in from right side) or in the Details, Settings page on the Dashboard. You can set a start and end time for weekdays, and a separate one for weekends.

Q: I have set a charge schedule on my JuiceBox, but the unit is not obeying my set schedule?
A: Please ensure that your vehicle does not have a charge schedule in place - the JuiceBox cannot communicate a schedule to the car (or vice versa) and the two will cause conflicts. Also, check that your selected timezone is correct.

Associating your JuiceBox (WiFi):

Q: The App setup for WiFi isn't working. How do I connect to WiFi?
A: When you power-up the JuiceBox, it provides a Setup network named "JuiceBox-###" (3 random digits) and gives you 2 minutes to connect to it (then 10 minutes to complete Setup). Connect to it with the password "GoElectric". Then, open a web browser and navigate to "setup.com" to find your home WiFi network and complete Setup. If you can't access setup.com, try (another way to reach the same page). On mobile devices, you may also need to enable Airplane Mode (and re-enable WiFi) to force the device to load the page through WiFi instead of mobile data. When completed, you should get the "Success! Your network password is correct" message, followed by "Device is now connecting to (your network name)". Then, you can proceed to the Dashboard or back to the app to add the device, now already connected to your network.

Q: My JuiceBox is not broadcasting a network for me to connect to?
A: Firstly, ensure that your plastic antenna is threaded onto your brass WiFi receiver (on the unit bottom, by the cable glands, for Pro units). Check that your JuiceBox is plugged in, and has not been for longer than 2 minutes. The JuiceBox will only broadcast the "JuiceBox" setup network for 2 minutes following power-up.

Q: My home WiFi network is not appearing once I've logged into the JuiceBox Setup network and navigated to "setup.com"?
A: Make sure you are within range of your WiFi network. Ensure the JuiceBox WiFi antenna is fully screwed-in and pointing down (it sends a signal around the antenna like a donut). Even if your computer or mobile device detect the network, still try moving closer to the AP or bring your wireless router up to a more clear area. Try cycling your network. Try powering off the JuiceBox and connecting to its local network, going to setup.com, and searching for networks again.

Q: I have entered my WiFi network password, the loading bar/prompt has finished, and it is giving me a message along the lines of "cannot connect to device"?
A: This is usually because the "Reconnect to device" checkbox was ticked, which is intended to bring you back to the Zentri WiFi setup page once Setup is completed. Since this is not possible when Setup mode is completed, you usually won't be able to reconnect it. Rest assured, as long as you received the "Success! Your network password is correct" message earlier, then the box should now be online in the Dashboard or app.

Q: My JuiceBox has associated with my network, but I cannot find it in my "nearby JuiceBox" list on my app?
A: Ensure your JuiceBox is still powered up, and has successfully associated with your network. Try refreshing the application/web page. See below.

Q: I still cannot find my JuiceBox on my "nearby JuiceBox list", and I would like to add it to my app and/or web account with the JuiceBox ID?
A: For Pro units, your ID is printed on a label on the right side, near the bottom of your unit enclosure. You can use a mobile QR code scanner to retrieve this long ID number, and try entering it into the "Add JuiceNet Device by ID" option in the app or Dashboard. If it still can't be found, there may be an issue with your router or firewall preventing UDP traffic from the unit. Ensure that outgoing (not incoming routing) port 8042 UDP traffic is allowed, and you are not using a captive portal/login page on your network (or add the device to your MAC whitelist - find the MAC address in the System tab of the WiFi setup.com page).

Monitoring your JuiceBox (WiFi)

Q: My JuiceBox is charging my car, but I do not see any usage charts being formed on my web portal?
A: Ensure your JuiceBox is properly associated with your network.

Q: How do I see visualizations and charge charts for my unit?
A: Navigate to the web control room, sign in (or sign up if you have not already), and navigate to "Show all JuiceBoxes". From there, click on "Real-time data" under your JuiceBox ID.

Q: How do I read these charts?
A: There is a guide for reading these charts directly below the charts.

Q: What is a "Session"?
A: This is a charging session - so the charge starting when you first plug into your vehicle, to either full or unplug.

Managing your JuiceBox data (WiFi)

Q: How can I tell how much energy I've consumed in charging with my JuiceBox?
A: You can see total lifetime energy use on the Control Room site, both in the all JuiceBox units summary, or in the 'Real-time data' link. On Pro Plus/Premium units, you can see lifetime energy on the top of the LCD screen.

Q: How can I tell my energy usage in any particular charge, or any particular date?A: If you go to 'Real-time data', and scroll down the page, you can see a 'Sessions' log table. Your sessions and total energy delivered are displayed here.
A: If you go to 'Real-time data', and scroll down the page, you can see a 'Sessions' log table. Your sessions and total energy delivered are displayed here.

Q: How can I access and manipulate my data independently?
A: We will make available a developers' API shortly.

Q: How can I access logged data?
A: We will make available an historic data analysis tool shortly.

If the above does not help with your issue, please contact us for support at: support@emotorwerks.com


Thank you!

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