Kris -

  • Q: Is this JuiceBox safe for use around children and pets? Is it completely safe for my EV?

    A: Yes. Not only does the JuiceBox (all editions) have GFI and stuck relay protection to guard against any shorts and/or stray fingers, but it is also fully grounded, completely enclosed (no contact surfaces), weather-proof, and very sturdy. To protect your supply circuit, current draw limits can also be easily set. It stays in communication with your EV at all charge stages, and thus cannot harm your EV system in any way.

  • Q: Is JuiceBox UL certified?

    A: The JuiceBox units are UL certified.

  • Q: Which JuiceBox is right for me and my EV?

    A: Great question! Please see here: Which JuiceBox is right for ME?

    For further questions, email us at: info@emotorwerks.com

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