Package and Setup

Kris -

  • Q: Does the JuiceBox product package I've selected include everything I need?

    A: JuiceBox products all include both necessary cables and are completely assembled and tested packages, and come with all the necessary hardware to mount your EVSE system to the wall.

  • Q: What do I do if I want to plug into a household 120V outlet?

    A: You may need additional adapters to plug your JuiceBox into dryer outlets or household 120V outlets, or you may need a J1772 extension cable (additional cables can be found in the 'related products' listing on the bottom of each product page).

  • Q: I have just received my JuiceBox, but I am having some trouble with operation. How can I troubleshoot my installation?

    A: Please review the installation and diagnostics FAQ, if necessary. If this does not help, please contact us:

  • Q: Can JuiceBox be installed outdoors?

    A: Yes. This device is weather compatible and will work from -40C to +65C. However, due to possible overheating, we do not recommend installation under direct sunlight. If installing outdoors, please be sure your NEMA 14-50 connection and wiring is weather-rated.

  • Q: Do you have a mounting template?

        A: Yes. we do.  It can be found at this link.


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