Clipper Creek with JuiceNet add-on

Kris -

Q.  Can I add your WiFi networking option to my existing Clipper Creek unit?


A. No, not at this time.  The upgrade requires us to send the unit back to Clipper Creek for a circuit board update, incurring extra costs.  To upgrade your existing Clipper Creek unit, we recommend the soon to be released JuicePlug® giving WiFi capabilities and data access to any EVSE. 

You can find our Clipper Creek with JuiceNet edition here.

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    Under Rewards, this same question is asked, and the answer says, "Yes! We are able to upgrade certain Clipper Creek charging station models to be fully connected to our JuiceNet platform. See our website STORE for options.Once you upgrade, you’ll be fully able to use our charging apps and controls on your phone or web portal (and participate in this Rewards Program)." 

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    Apologies, but the website has not been updated.  If you had an existing Clipper Creek, it was $249 to have your unit upgraded, which included shipping to and from the customer.  

    However we are no longer able to make that option available due to the increased costs involved which would be reasonable to our customers.  We have specific units we get from Clipper Creek which already include modifications to work with our JuiceNet add-on properly.  Because of this, a retro JuiceNet install incurs an extra shipping cost, and the labor to have Clipper Creek do this additional work, well more than the $199 cost of a JuicePlug, 

    Again, apologies for the inconvenience.

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