V8.12 Current Limit Classic

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JuiceBox Classic (PCB V8.12) Current Limit Setting

Please ensure your JuiceBox unit is completely powered off prior to adjusting your current limit setting via hardware trim-pots.

Trim-pot R20 adjusts current draw limitation for 240V operation. The far right setting is 40A (as pictured, default if 40A product ordered), the far left is 0A. Current draw limit setting is equally spaced from 0 to 40. So, 30A is ¾ of the way to the far right, etc.

Trim-pot R25 adjusts current draw limitation for 120V operation. By default, it is set at 15A, which is 2 o’clock relative to the bottom of the board.  These were dropped from later 8.12 versions as seen in the second picture, which is an v8.12.4

See below for images of the trimpots in default positioning for 40A product:


Please do not adjust trim-pot R74.

If you would like a precise current limit setting (within 1 A), you will need an FTDI programming cable - you will be opening a serial port and viewing run data.

However, please remember that the worst that can happen in instances of excessive current draw is your breaker tripping.

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