Associating your JuiceNet EVSE: Picture Edition (on Android device)

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Associating your JuiceNet EVSE with your Control App: Picture Edition (on Android device)



Find our Android app by searching ‘EV JuiceBox’ in the Google Play store. Make sure your Android device is connected to your network (same one your EVSE is connected to). Upon opening the app, it will prompt you to add a JuiceNet EVSE. Select that, and it will display all JuiceBox units currently connected to your network. You can also pair with an ID number directly as well, if you have found your ID via the Dashboard. Select your unit and set a password. You will be prompted to charge cycle a couple times to verify you are with the JuiceBox.

Enter your EVSE settings, hit the check mark, and you will be taken to your unit’s idle screen. The ‘STANDBY’ indicates you are powered up, but not charging. When you plug in to charge, your momentary amperage (can be switched to kW by hitting the ‘kW’ on the dial interior) is displayed in orange. You can set the current draw (charge) limit by either hitting the green arrows or simply turning the gauge like a dial. You can set a charge schedule via the ‘Schedule’ option in the menu (access this with the 3 horizontal lines on the top right). Email with any specific questions not answered here. THANK YOU!

Associating your JuiceNet EVSE with your dashboard: Picture Edition (on a PC)


Once you’ve associated your device following the steps described above (see the first ‘picture edition’ section for a walkthrough), you will be ready to setup your SmartPhone application and/or your web dashboard (here: If you’re a new user, select “Register new user with email”, or select one of the connected login buttons to create a new account and get started.


You’ll receive a confirmation email from us to verify your email address. Make sure to check your spam!



Start off on your dashboard home page - select ‘Add JuiceBox’ to get started! On the ‘Add’ screen, a listing of all JuiceNet units connected to the same network as your PC is displayed (they are identified by sharing the same IP address). If your JuiceNet device doesn’t show up here, make sure you’re viewing the website on a device that is connected to the same network as your JuiceNet device. Click or tap on the ID number, and the above ID field will be filled in.




Now, with your unit added, this is your default dashboard page. Basic charging stats are displayed in this tile which represents your JuiceNet unit. You can hit “More Details” to see precise data, set schedules, set overrides, etc. If you add more JuiceNet units to your fleet, they will be displayed as tiles as well.


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