Features (December 15)

Release date: December 15th, 2023


New Features:

Features Description JuiceNet Manager JuiceNet Enterprise JuiceNet Operator Partner Portal
External System (Stripe) Information Ability to view the StripeSessionId, DestinationAccountId,
SourceCustomerId, PaymentMethodId,
ExceptionMessage corresponding to charging sessions processed by Stripe
Accounting List -Authentication method Ability to filter and view the authentication method for each transaction   X    
Driver Details - Reimbursement Rate Information Ability to view the reimbursement rate associated with a residential fleet charging station under the associated driver X      
Accounting List - Date Filter Ability to set a custom date range (maximum 6 months) to view a list or when generating a report   X X X
Charging Sessions - ToBeCharged Flag Ability to differentiate charging sessions in which payment was collected or invoicing is required (Statement Billing and/or Free to Charge RFID)   X X X
RFID Cards - Notes Filter Enables the ability to search for an RFID card through filtering the "Notes" field associated X X    
Scheduled Charging (Time of Use) Enables the ability to schedule a time period in which energy should be dispensed (Time of Use) - *Currently not combinable with Load Balancing or other Energy Services Packages X X X X