JuiceBox Pro 40 QuickStart Guide

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The following is from the Dashboard. You can find this page here: http://dashboard.emotorwerks.com/Home/Help

Quick Start Guide for EMotorWerks JuiceBox Pro (40)


First of all, thank you very much for purchasing your JuiceBox! We really appreciate your support. Every purchase helps us move towards our ultimate goal - elimination of the Charging Infrastructure barrier for EV adoption.


Please read through this entire instruction sheet prior to installing and using your JuiceBox.


A few things to watch out for:



  • Do not drill into or destructively modify your enclosure for any reason, please.
  • Unless instructed to do so by our support, or adjustment of current setting is necessary, please do not open enclosure. For current setting, please see page 3.
  • Be sure the circuit you are plugging into is properly grounded! Unit will not function if ground is compromised!
  • Do not position your unit in direct sunlight!
  • If hard-wiring JuiceBox unit, be sure to exercise proper electrical caution. This should be done by a qualified electrician.
  • Failure to follow above advice will void warranty.


Before you power up

  • Select mounting location for your new JuiceBox. Make sure your placement allows you to reach your car. Avoid installing JuiceBox where it will be exposed to direct sunlight - this can interfere with operations during the day when JuiceBox may overheat and shut down to protect itself.
  • Ensure your panel has adequate power and space. You will need to have a dedicated breaker for your JuiceBox. The rating of the breaker depends on how much current / power you expect to draw from the JuiceBox. This in turn depends on your car. Most EVs draw 30A maximum. For such an installation, a 40A breaker is ideal. Generally speaking, per National Electrical Code, your breakers should be rated for 120% of your continuous load. To maximize this 40A rated product, a 50A rated breaker is recommended. Remember, this 40A charger will safely charge any SAE J1772 (plug) EV.
  • Have a 14-50 outlet installed (also known as an RV outlet) or have one of our adapters matching your power source. Any electrician can install a 14-50 outlet, costing you much less than a hardwired EVSE install. You can buy this type of outlet from us or through your electrician or through your hardware store. Use the correct wire gauge. Usually, your electrician will figure this out for you. Generally, 30A continuous load will require AWG 10 wiring, 40A continuous - AWG 8, 60A continuous - AWG 6.
  • Install a JuiceBox mounting bracket at a selected location
  • Install a JuiceBox charging cable holder. Some customers select location close to the car to simplify management of the long J1772 cable


Powering up for the first time

  • If you bought a WiFi-equipped JuiceBox, make sure you have your PC / smartphone ready - you will use them to pair your JuiceBox with your house network
  • Hang your JuiceBox on the mounting bracket and clip your charging plug into the cable holder
  • Screw the WiFi antenna onto the WiFi antenna port on the bottom of the JuiceBox, between the cable outlets. It should nearly butt-up against the brass nut when screwed in completely.
  • Plug your JuiceBox into a 14-50 outlet and wait for 15-20 seconds. There will be no sound made at this time. If JuiceBox emits a beeping signal, refer to Error Codes list at the end of this guide.


You are now ready to pair your WiFi or charge your car!

Connect your JuiceBox to the Internet

  • Read the steps below. You will have only ~2 minutes to perform the steps below, so be prepared!
  • If your JuiceBox was powered on for more than 30 seconds, power-cycle it (unplug, wait for 5-10 seconds, plug back in).
  • On your PC / smartphone, find 'JuiceBox-###' WiFi network. Using 'GoElectric' (no quotes) as the password, connect your PC / phone to the JuiceBox.
  • Open a web browser and go to setup.com in the address bar. In a few seconds, you should see a list of WiFi networks your JuiceBox detected around itself.
  • Select your home WiFi network and enter your network password. Press 'Connect'.
  • Your network password will be verified, and it should connect to your home WiFi network. It should state “Success! Your network password is correct”.
  • Reconnect your PC / phone to your home WiFi (same as your JuiceBox is now connected to). Typically, this will happen automatically within 15 seconds of completing setup.
  • In your browser, navigate to the JuiceBox Dashboard at http://dashboard.emotorwerks.com and login / register as needed.
  • Once logged in, click on a 'Add Juicebox' link and see if the system reports any JuiceBox IDs behind the same router. If you see your new JuiceBox, congratulations - it's alive! If you don't see it yet, you might need to wait for just a bit more - it takes ~3 minutes from power-up for JuiceBox to start sending data. If you still don't see any JuiceBox listed under your router after ~5 minutes, ensure your PC is connected to the same network JuiceBox is connected to, or try repeating the pairing process (same steps as above).
  • Note that after every power-cycle (unplugging from the AC outlet), JuiceBox will go into the WiFi setup mode for up to 3 minutes. During this time, no data will be transmitted to our servers. JuiceBox will charge your car normally - just the first couple of minutes of data will be missing. After ~3 minutes, WiFi setup will time out and JuiceBox will start transmitting data again.

Pair your JuiceBox with JuiceBox Smartphone App

  • The iOS app is available in the Apple store as "'JuiceNet - Smart EV Charging'".
  • Android app is available on the Google Play store, and can be found by searching “EV JuiceBox”.
  • Make sure your device is connected to your WiFi network, as configured on the JuiceBox. Once installed, open your app and select “Add JuiceBox”. A list of all JuiceBox units active on your network will appear - your JuiceBox, given it is associated with your network and has been active for at least 2 minutes, will appear there. Select your unit, and create your password.
  • Tap 'done' and you should see your JuiceBox data on the screen. If everything went well, your JuiceBox App dial should say 'STANDBY' on the bottom.
Use the Dashboard to access your JuiceBox data and manage your 'fleet'
  • There are three main areas on this site: My JuiceBoxes, JuiceBox Details, and Profile
  • User Profile: in top right corner click on 'User Profile' and change your password, email, full name, and link/unlink social networks logins
  • My JuiceBoxes: click on 'My JuiceBoxes' and monitor all your JuiceBoxes
  • JuiceBox Details: click on 'More details' to see more information about your JuiceBox

Enjoy your JuiceBox - the World's Most Advanced Residential EV Charging Station!

Go Electric!

-- Your Team JuiceBox


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