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Unpacking and Basic Setup of your JuiceBox Pro


Your JuiceBox Pro 40, with included mounting bracket,

plug holder, and antenna. Attach your mounting bracket with
included screws.

Now, fasten the tab component of the bracket to your wall (wood screws included). With your bracket now attached to your JuiceBox, you can slide it in place. It is not necessary, but for extra strength you may use the third included wood screw to fasten the JuiceBox to your wall. For theft prevention, you might use a security bit wood screw in place. Pad-lock security brackets are also available on our store.

Plug your JuiceBox 14-50 input plug into a NEMA 14-50 outlet, and you’re ready to charge!


Associating your JuiceBox Pro:

Once you’ve powered up your JB (and within 2 minutes thereof), connect to its Setup network. Password is ‘GoElectric’. Once connected, navigate to ‘’ in your browser. There, select your network and connect. Your password will be verified, then it should display a success message.


Associating your JuiceBox with your Control App: 

Find our Android app by searching ‘EV JuiceBox’ in the Google Play store. Make sure your Android device is connected to your network (same one your JuiceBox is connected to). Upon opening the app, it will prompt you to add a JuiceBox. Select that, and it will display all JuiceBox units currently connected to your network. You can also pair with an ID number directly as well, if you have found your ID via the Dashboard. Select your unit and set a password. You will be prompted to charge cycle a couple times to verify you are with the JuiceBox.


Enter your JuiceBox settings, hit the check mark, and you will be taken to your JuiceBox unit’s idle screen. The ‘STANDBY’ indicates you are powered up, but not charging. When you plug in to charge, your momentary amperage (can be switched to kW by hitting the ‘kW’ on the dial interior) is displayed in orange. You can set the current draw (charge) limit by either hitting the green arrows or simply turning the gauge like a dial. You can set a charge schedule via the ‘Schedule’ option in the menu (access this with the 3 horizontal lines on the top right).

Email with any specific questions not answered here. THANK YOU!


JuiceBox Error Codes


In the event of a system error, the JuiceBox unit will produce an audible sequence of tones to indicate its error state. Buzzer tone sequences for error states are listed below.

Constant Tone “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep”

GMI Failure - No Ground connection!

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates that the unit is not connected to a properly grounded outlet. Please unplug unit and ensure outlet intended for use is grounded properly before attempting to use JuiceBox.


Slow Repeat Tone “beeeeeeep < 1 sec > beeeeeeep < 1 sec>...”

Ground Fault Interrupt Startup Self-Test Failure

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates a failure of the ground fault interrupt system self-test during unit power on. Unplug unit from wall outlet to prevent unsafe charger state. Attempt JuiceBox use again. If trouble persists, contact support.


Double Tone “beep beep < 2 sec > beep beep…”

Stuck Relay Event

  • Occurrence of this error state indicates unintended closure of the JuiceBox’s relay when the unit is not charging a vehicle. Unplug unit from wall outlet to prevent unsafe charger state. If JuiceBox continues to signal this error, contact support.


Triple Tone “beep beep beep < 2 sec > beep beep beep...”

GFI Trip Event

  • JuiceBox will remain inoperable for 15 minutes after event, during which time this 3 buzz error tone will repeat every 15 seconds. After 4 of these GFI trip events, frequency will increase to 3 seconds. Please unplug EV, check circuit health, power cycle JuiceBox, and attempt charge again.


Quadruple Tone “beep beep beep beep < 2 sec> beep beep beep beep < 2 sec>...”

Overheat Event (over approx 160° F)

  • Move JuiceBox to a cooler area, out of direct sunlight, or remove heating sources from area. JuiceBox will automatically resume when it cools off.

Additional questions? Please email ‘’.

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