JB Green 40 QuickStart Guide

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A more sophisticated version of our instruction set is always available here:



We recommend referring to the above guide as well as this simplified version.


The above link is to our master control room.

Please read through this entire instruction sheet prior to installing and using your JuiceBox.


A few things to watch out for:



  • Do not drill into or destructively modify your enclosure for any reason, please.
  • Unless instructed to do so by our support, or adjustment of current setting is necessary, please do not open enclosure. For current setting, please see page 3.
  • Be sure the circuit you are plugging into is properly grounded! Unit will not function if ground is compromised!
  • Do not position your unit in direct sunlight!
  • If hard-wiring JuiceBox unit, be sure to exercise proper electrical caution. This should be done by a qualified electrician.
  • Failure to follow above advice will void warranty.


Quick Start Guide for EMotorWerks/WattTime JuiceBox Green (40)  

Before you power up
    • Select mounting location for your new JuiceBox. Please ensure you’re in reach of your EV, and not in direct sunlight.
    • Ensure your panel has adequate power and space. You will need to have a dedicated breaker for your JuiceBox, and a 50A breaker is recommended. You can install a 40A if you don’t have the space.
    • Have a 14-50 outlet installed (also known as an RV outlet) or have one of our adapters matching your power source. Any electrician can install a 14-50 outlet, costing you much less than a hardwired EVSE install.
    • Install your JuiceBox mounting bracket and J1772 holder, and mount it up! Please see below pages (5 & 6) for visual walk-through of bracket installation and mounting.


  • Please also see last page (7) for error codes - if your unit begins beeping at you, this will tell you what to look for!


Powering up for the first time
  • Plug your JuiceBox into your 240V outlet. Plug the J1772 cable into your EV, and you’ll hear the main contactor inside the JuiceBox close and charge will begin.
  • You are now ready to pair your WiFi or charge your car.


WiFi association

For this set-up process, please make sure you have your Laptop & WiFi Login Information ready and have your JuiceBox ready to power up.


  • The steps below must be done fairly quickly (~3 minutes); please be ready!
  • Plug your JuiceBox into power (verify you can charge off this power first!) and wait 15-20 seconds.
  • On your PC / smartphone, find ‘JuiceBox-###’ WiFi network.
  • Connect to that network using ‘GoElectric’ (no quotes) as password.
  • Open a web browser and point it to ‘setup.com’. In a few seconds, you should see a list of WiFi networks near your JuiceBox.
  • Select your home/office/etc WiFi network and enter your WiFi password. The page will let you know when you’ve entered a good password, and when you’re connected. When this is finished, the JuiceBox’s setup network will switch off automatically.
  • If you don’t get a “Success!” message after entering your password, ensure your network isn’t using WEP encryption (which is not supported by default for security reasons), and that the network is within good range of the JuiceBox.


To check, please use your device to:

  • Go to http://bit.ly/chargerMONITOR
  • Register/Log-in as needed (save your log-in info: you’ll need it)
  • Once logged in, click on a 'Add Juicebox' link and see if the system reports any JuiceBox IDs behind the same router.

If you see it, great!

If you don’t see it after a few minutes, please try the process again.

  • NOTE: If you unplug your JuiceBox after a successful set-up, it will remember the successful settings, however it will still present the “JuiceBox” setup network again the next time it’s plugged in. You can ignore this if your JuiceBox has already been set-up.

Set-up your Portal

  • Go/Log-in to the monitoring page, click on ‘My JuiceBoxes’.
  • Click on ‘More Details’ under your JuiceBox in the portal.

See screen shots below

    • Under ‘Settings’:
      • Decide on a ‘Nickname’ for your JuiceBox.
      • Input ZIP code.Fill in Time-Of-Use section!
        • In below image, the arrows show when you enter your GO time for your commute on weekdays and weekends. This is extremely important.
        • If you’re on Time-Of-Use Rates with your utility provider, please select and set ‘Custom Schedule’.


  • Press ‘Update’ to save settings.


    • Press ‘Update’ to save settings.

See screenshot below

Pair your JuiceBox with JuiceBox Smartphone App

  • The app is currently available on iOS and Android devices. 
  • You can download the iOS app from the Apple Store JuiceNet--Smart EV Charging
  • You can download Android app from Google Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.emotorwerks.juicebox
  • Once installed, open your app and enter your JuiceBox parameters - use ID you just found out from the previous step. Don't forget to give your JuiceBox a good name and specify your time zone. Time zone settings are important for setting time-of-use and overall energy reporting
  • Tap 'done' and you should see your JuiceBox data on the screen. If everything went well, your JuiceBox App dial should say 'STANDBY' on the bottom of the dial


For JuiceBox troubleshooting, please contact EMotorWerks support at:


Or call support lead Kris Kluzak at +1.844.JUICEBX

For questions about Clean Charging, please contact WattTime at:

support@WattTime.org (within 24 Hr. response)


Enjoy your JuiceBox - the World's Cleanest Residential EV Charging Station!

Go Electric!

-- Team JuiceBox & Team WattTi

Unpacking and Basic Setup of your JuiceBox Green


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