Install the Antenna Bracket

  1. Turn off all the circuit breakers that supply power to the JuiceBox(es) on pedestal.
  2. Lock out and tag the circuit breaker(s) with a LOTO (Lock Out/Tag Out) kit.
  3. Remove and discard the 10 fasteners that secure the back plate to the pedestal. Remove the back plate.
  4. Remove the 4 screws to open the junction box cover within the pedestal.
  5. Use a multimeter to ensure that wires supplying power to the pedestal indicates a zero voltage, as there may be more than one circuit in the junction box.
    Warning: Do not continue with this procedure until the multimeter shows that there is no power at the hardwire connections to mains.
  6. Inside the CCR kit packaging, locate and open the accessory box and take out the antenna and antenna bracket.
  7. Route the antenna cable through the hole on the antenna bracket and place the antenna on the bracket.
  8. Secure the antenna by tightening the nut using 19mm wrench.
  9. On the top section of the pedestal, you will see 2 mounting points for installing the antenna bracket.
  10. Install the 2 button head Phillips screws to secure the antenna bracket.
    NOTE: It is recommended to apply a torque of 80 in-lbs to the screws.