Wiring Instructions for JuicePedestal™ 80A

  • The JuicePedestal must be installed in accordance with the National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) and all applicable local jurisdiction requirements.
  • Connectors must be UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use due to local regulations, if necessary.
  • Conduit fittings must be liquid-tight and UL Listed or UL Certified for outdoor-use.
  • Charging station wires are already connected to the connector.
      1. Turn off the mains power to the hardwire connections.
      2. Use a multimeter to ensure that there is no power at the hardwire connections.
    WARNING: Do not continue with the installation until the multimeter shows that there is no power at the hardwire connections to mains.
      1. Route the mains power hardwire connection into the pedestal from the bottom, then position the pedestal onto the ground stud anchors.
      2. Secure the pedestal to the ground stud anchors (refer to Site Design Guide for more information).
      3. Release the 10 fasteners that secure the back plate to the pedestal. Remove the back plate.
      4. Remove the mains power wire (L1, L2, Ground) insulation.
        NOTE: Strip the insulation of the wire only as much as is necessary.
      5. Remove the sleeve from the connector port and cut at the appropriate mark from the wire being used.
        NOTE: Make sure to cut the sleeve straight across the ends to ensure a tight seal between the wire and the sleeve.
        NOTE: If the wire diameter size (including insulation) is of the maximum size of the sleeve, then discard the sleeve. If the sleeve is discarded, refer to step 9.
      6. Reinsert sleeve again into the connector port.
      7. Remove the set screw access plug.
      8. Using the 3/16” hex key, loosen the set screw.
      9. For easy assembly of wire to the connector, apply the silicone grease to the wire insulation.
      10. Insert the mains power wire (L1, L2, Ground) into the connector port and make sure that the tip of wire touches at the back of the connector.




        L1 L2 Ground
      11. Tighten the set screws to the recommended torque value.

        Wiring Range (MCM/AWG)

        Max Torque (In lbs)

        #4 - #6 120
        #1 - #3 120
        2/0 - 1/0 AWG 120
      12. Reinsert the set screw access plugs (refer to step 9).
      13. Reinstall the back plate (refer to step 5).
      14. Reconnect power to the hardwire connections. The charging station turns on automatically.