Installation on non-CCR JuicePedestal™

This section describes how to install a JuiceRouter on a non-CCR JuicePedestal.

Note: Do not discard any parts or fasteners unless explicitly instructed to do so.
  1. Turn off all the circuit breakers that supply power to the JuiceBox(es).
  2. Lock out and tag the circuit breaker(s) with a LOTO (Lock Out/Tag Out) kit.
  3. Release the 10 fasteners that secure the back plate to the pedestal. Remove the back plate.
  4. Remove the 4 screws to open the junction box cover within the pedestal.
  5. Use a multimeter to ensure that wires supplying power to the pedestal indicates a zero voltage, as there may be more than one circuit in the junction box.
    Warning: Do not continue with this procedure until the multimeter shows that there is no power at the hardwire connections to mains.
  6. To connect one of the JuiceBox’s Ethernet cable to the JuiceRouter using the Ethernet extension cable, do the following steps:
    1. Connect the small connector of extension cable to the end of JuiceBox’s Ethernet cable using RJ45 adapter.
    2. Connect the long hooded connector to the port on the base of the JuiceRouter.
  7. Reinstall the junction box cover (refer to step 4).
  8. Reinstall the back plate (refer to step 3).
  9. Remove the LOTO kit from the circuit breaker(s) (refer to step 2).
  10. Turn on all the circuit breakers that supply power to the JuiceBox(es). The charging station and JuiceRouter turns on automatically.
For Wi-Fi configuration of JuiceBox with JuiceRouter, refer to the Wi-Fi Setup section.