Troubleshooting FAQ

We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to provide you with a newly integrated app experience for home, workplace and public charging.

If you are currently encountering issues with accessing your charger(s) via the Enel X Way App, please see below for some helpful information that may assist you.


Trouble logging in?

Please ensure that you have downloaded the correct app.

Please REGISTER (create) a new account, making sure that you use the same email that is affiliated with your JuiceBox currently. This will port your existing charging station(s) into your Enel X Way App. You can use a different password.


I created a new Enel X way account, and now my charger won't follow my charging schedule


**UPDATE as of 3/28/2023 6:26 PM PST**

Please note: When a charging schedule is set on the JuiceBox, there will be a brief window of charging after initial plug in to the vehicle. This should last approximately 30 seconds, and will pause until you reach the scheduled charging window. This is expected behavior at this time. 


If your vehicle is not charging during scheduled times, please verify your scheduled charging period. 



Please Disable and then Re-enable your charging schedule to initiate charging. 




I logged into EV JuiceNet with Google or Apple and Enel X Way App doesn’t recognize that login

Please register a new Enel X Way account using the Google or Apple email associated with your EV JuiceNet email. You should then be able to log in.


I don’t see my JuiceBox in the new App

If you registered with your existing JuiceNet email, your JuiceBox should automatically link to your Enel Way account, allowing your charging station(s) to be visible immediately.
If you do not see your JuiceBox in the App, please use this link to complete configuration:


I don’t see my vehicle in the new App

Our entire vehicle catalog did not transfer over to the new App. We are working to correct this, but in the meantime, you can go to "My Account" > Under "My Garage" - Add vehicle > "Can't find your vehicle?" > "Add it here" 

Charging efficiency (%) section
The charging efficiency is not a setting that affects the charging process. It's only used in calculations of charging statistics. Modification of the value will only reflect on the charging history reports you are seeing in Enel X Way app. It is the difference between the energy drawn from the circuit and energy delivered to the vehicle (I.e. at 40A current and 240V approximately 7% of energy is lost due to heat generation within the charging cable, at lower current efficiency may be higher).

Phase number section
US residents select one phase. Homes in the US usually have single-phase electrical services while commercial buildings utilize three-phase.  Some other countries outside of the US use three-phase. 





Input all information including vehicle settings and color. Select "Save" at the bottom 

This will direct you to a new page: "Suggest this EV" - "Would you like to suggest this EV to our support team, so we can add it to the list and help others set up their cars?" (Yes/No) 


I received an “Error 107” message

You may experience this error when:

  • Trying to add your vehicle that does not currently exist in the Enel X Way app vehicle catalog
  • When your JuiceBox is still under configuration

Please force close the App and re-open. This will clear the error and you can proceed.


The App is spinning after I log in

Please go to “My Account”. If you see your JuiceNet device is located there, please force close and re-open the Enel X Way App. After re-opening the App, it should be operating properly, 



I can't change my allowed Amps to more than 6A

This displays while your unit is still under configuration, and is for visualization purposes only. 


This will update to previously selected output Amperage once configuration is completed (24 hours). Please note: if you change the amperage and save it before configuration is complete, this will update your maximum output to 6A once completed. This can be updated via the slider. 



My JuiceBox shows "Processing Configuration"


Please reboot your station to complete configuration. 


I can’t see kW during my active charge session

Please uninstall and reinstall the App. 


The App is asking me for a Pin when I try to add my charger

Please make sure you registered with the same email that is affiliated with your JuiceBox on the JuiceNet app. If you did not, Enel X Way App may think you are trying to add someone else’s charger to your account.

If you registered with your existing JuiceNet email, please remove your JuiceBox from your JuiceNet account (“remove”, not “reset ownership”). Log out and back in to the Enel X Way App.


My charger is showing offline and not charging my vehicle

Inspect LED indicator to check status of JuiceBox (purple- offline). Please reboot your JuiceBox and contact Support if problem persists.