Pairing Alexa

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Pairing Alexa

You'll need to do the following:

1. Turn on the skill in the Alexa App

2. Go to the pairing process in the Alexa app

3. This process sends you to our JuiceBox dashboard web site.

4. You'll need to log in with the same email you use for Amazon (no social logins)**

5. In the dashboard, which will open via the Alexa app, you'll push the button - "pair with Alexa"

6. Finish


Alexa Functions

The following Alexa commands work for JuiceNet:

- open JuiceBox

- ask JuiceBox for help

- get status from JuiceBox

- tell JuiceBox to start charging my car

- tell JuiceBox to get amps/energy/voltage

- tell JuiceBox to add <desired number> miles/kilometers to my car

- ask JuiceBox how much range do I have


**You will need an email/password login with your same Amazon email in order to pair to Alexa. If you are using a social login such as Google+, Facebook, or Twitter you don't need to register a new account. You can add the new authentication method to the existing account. This will give your account two methods for authentication.


Go to the User Profile page (upper right corner if logged in) (

Now you will see three buttons - Google, Facebook, Twitter and "Email", "Password" above them.



Click "create" link on the right side of "Password" (mine says 'change since it's my login already) and it let's you create a password for your account.


You will receive a confirmation email link, so don't forget to confirm it via email.

After this you will be able to pair JuiceBox and Alexa.

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