JuiceNet Smartphone App Pairing

Dave Wood -

1. The iOS app is available in the Apple store as "'JuiceNet - Smart EV Charging'                                    Video set up guides are available here:



     *The Android app is available on the Google Play store, and can be found by searching “EV JuiceBox”.

2. Make sure your device is connected to your WiFi network, as configured on the JuiceBox. Once installed, open your app and select “Add JuiceBox”. A list of all JuiceBox units active on your network will appear - your JuiceBox, given it is associated with your network and has been active for at least 2 minutes, will appear there. Select your unit, and create your password.

3. Tap 'done' and you should see your JuiceBox data on the screen. If everything went well, your JuiceBox App dial should say 'STANDBY' on the bottom.

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