How does JuiceNet® Green work to reduce emissions?

JuiceNet Green is a cloud based software feature that monitors and reacts to the instantaneous energy market in your geo-locality and synchronizes with grid generation sources which enables you to charge your EV when the cleanest energy is available on the grid, thereby reducing carbon emissions impact of EV charging.

What JuiceNet Green does: Much of the time, the greenest charging opportunity is at night, due to availability of wind power, so JuiceNet Green maximizes charging times to when that wind power is at maximum production. Outside of those hours you may see a message 'waiting for cleaner power'.  In that case, you can either wait for cleaner power or you can just press the “Charge Now” button in the JuiceNet companion app. In all cases, we predict when charging must begin to reach maximum charge level.

Why should JuiceNet Green interest me: JuiceNet Green is for anyone who lives within the continental US who is concerned about the carbon emissions impact of their EV charging, and who is passionate about the efficiency of powering electric transportation.

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