JuiceBox® Charging

I have plugged my JuiceBox into my vehicle, but it is not charging?:

  1. Make sure your JuiceBox is plugged into the proper power outlet and is receiving power.
  2. Before you plug the JuiceBox into your vehicle to charge, ensure that it is not beeping to signal an error (see: Error Codes).

If neither of the steps above fix the problem, there are several other things you should check before contacting our support team:


  • Make sure there are no schedules set on your EV. If there are, make sure that you are not currently within one of your preset charging schedules.
  • Make sure there are no charge schedules requiring override on your JuiceBox, through the app or the Dashboard.
  • Check your EV charge port for physical damage or evidence of electrical damage.
  • Check the button pressing action on your plug handle. As you're pressing the release latch, make note of at what point in the press you hear a small click from the switch in the handle. The release lever on the charging handle is also a "Stop" switch.It should click approximately half-way through the action of pushing the button. If it does not click, or clicks very early, the J1772 handle has been damaged, and you can fix it by referring to this doc (Please make sure your JuiceBox is unplugged before attempting this!): J1772 DOSTAR Plug - Release Lever Fixes


My JuiceBox begins charging my EV, but the charge is disrupted by my unit clicking on and/or off?:

Your JuiceBox is cycling on and off in response to Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) instances. This could be due to a legitimate reason, such as water in your charge cable or EV charge port, a cut or fray in your wiring (from J1772 charge cable to supply-side wiring), or an obstacle in way of your charge plug. If this is a newly occurring issue, it is likely that it is the result of some kind of environmental damage. Check your entire charge circuit (from EV to breaker box). It may be that the charging cable has been twisted out of place by repeated movement. Try twisting the charging cable as it enters the JuiceBox unit. Also check the cable handle for any issues with the top button, as described above.

If this issue has occurred consistently since you installed the unit, check your installation. It may be worth having an electrician check the wiring all the way back to the breaker box.

Can I adjust the output power (amperage) of my JuiceBox. How can I do this?:

Yes, you can adjust the charging power limit in the JuiceNet app or dashboard settings. Use this, for instance, if you have a lower power circuit breaker that you want to ensure is not tripped during charging.