JuiceBox Connection to Wifi

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The app setup for WiFi isn't working. How do I connect to WiFi?:

When you power-up the JuiceBox, it provides a Setup network named "JuiceBox-###" (3 random digits) and gives you 2 minutes to connect to it (then 10 minutes to complete Setup).

  1. Connect to it with the password "GoElectric".
  2. Open a web browser and navigate to "setup.com" to find your home WiFi network and complete Setup. If you can't access setup.com, try (another way to reach the same page). On mobile devices, you may also need to enable Airplane Mode (and re-enable WiFi) to force the device to load the page through WiFi instead of mobile data.
  3. When completed, you should get the "Success! Your network password is correct" message, followed by "Device is now connecting to (your network name)".
  4. Proceed to the Dashboard or back to the app to add the device, now already connected to your network.

My JuiceBox is not broadcasting a network for me to connect to so how can I connect?:

  1. Ensure that your plastic antenna is threaded onto your brass WiFi receiver (on the unit bottom, by the cable glands, for Pro units).
  2. Check that your JuiceBox is plugged in, and has not been plugged in for longer than 2 minutes. The JuiceBox will only broadcast the "JuiceBox" setup network for 2 minutes following power-up.
  3. Retry setting up your station on WiFi.

My home WiFi network is not appearing once I've logged into the JuiceBox Setup network and navigated to "setup.com"?

Make sure you are within range of your WiFi network.

Ensure the JuiceBox WiFi antenna is fully screwed-in and pointing down (it sends a signal around the antenna like a donut). Even if your computer or mobile device detect the network, still try moving closer to the Wireless Access Point (WAP) or move your wireless router to a more clear area.

Try cycling your network.

Try powering off the JuiceBox and connecting to its local network, going to setup.com, and searching for networks again.


I have entered my WiFi network password, the loading bar/prompt has finished, and it is giving me a message "cannot connect to device"?:

This error message is usually generated because the "reconnect to device" checkbox was ticked, which is intended to bring you back to the Zentri WiFi setup page once Setup is completed. Since this is not possible when Setup mode is completed, you usually won't be able to reconnect it. Rest assured, as long as you received the "Success! Your network password is correct" message earlier, the charger should now be online in the Dashboard or app.

My JuiceBox has associated with my network, but I cannot find it in my "nearby JuiceBox" list on my app?

Ensure your JuiceBox is still powered up, and has successfully associated with your network. Try refreshing the application/web page. See below.


I cannot find my JuiceBox on my "nearby JuiceBox list", and I would like to add it to my app and/or web account with the JuiceBox ID?:

Your mobile device and JuiceBox must be on the same network for this to work (the first time only).  If it still can't be found, there may be an issue with your router or firewall preventing UDP traffic from your JuiceBox. Ensure that outgoing (not incoming routing) port 8042 UDP traffic is allowed, and you are not using a captive portal/login page on your network (or add the device to your MAC whitelist - find the MAC address in the System tab of the WiFi setup.com page).

If you are not sure how to find our JuiceBox ID, for Pro units, your ID is printed on a label on the right side, near the bottom of your unit. You can use a mobile QR code reader to retrieve this long ID number, and try entering it into the "Add JuiceNet Device by ID" option in the app or Dashboard.

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