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Dave Wood -

What is your company warranty policy?

We offer a three year manufacturer’s warranty on all of our new residential and commercial charging stations purchased after October 1, 2015.  The warranty covers parts and factory labor, and also includes shipping (if order is within the Continental US).

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    David Simmons

    My Juice Box was purchased in feb 2015 can u repair it ? If I send it to you what would be the turnaround time. I don't think it is a defective cord something internal has malfunction .

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    Kris Kluzak

    Hi David,

    Can you email me at  I'll find out what options we have for repairs.  Some of the older units we don't have replacement parts for, so some details will help.


    In the email, please include some pictures of the unit, and the insides so we csn see the board.  Also include what the issues you are having are.  It may be something fixable on your end, with an adjustment to the handle switch.


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